Offshore Molds, Inc. - Assisting Companies with Capital Tooling Needs & Plastic Injection Molding US & China

Offshore Molds Inc

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Assisting Companies with Capital Tooling Needs


OMI Technical Capabilities

Our Technical Resources
  • Fast delivery times, typically 6-8 weeks for even large complex tools.
  • Capability to build and sample from 50 ton press size to 3500 tons.
  • In-house Moldflow experts who analyze each project carefully.
  • Experienced Senior Project Managers based in the U.S. who work directly with our customers.
  • Highly qualified sales staff in the U.S. for quoting and customer visits.
  • In-house mold designers with extensive experience.
  • Experienced Senior Project Managers in China who oversee each job on a daily basis.
  • In-house Process Technicians who oversee all mold samplings.
  • Detailed first article inspection report for each molded part.
  • Refined project management systems.
  • Detailed check lists for each step of the process.
  • Detailed mold inspections by experienced in-house Mold Makers.
Mold Design and Mold Manufacturing
  • Full 3D mold assembly files.
  • Detailed 2D mold files for each component and assembly.
  • Complex mold design solutions.
  • Detailed bill of materials.
  • Modern CNC machining centers.
  • CNC wire and sinker EDM machines.
  • CNC precision gun drilling machines.